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This isn't a game. There are no gimmicks. In a world full of soldiers...

Meet the lieutenant

It is 2020 and the world of hip-hop and music is more accessible than ever. You can go online and get a starter kit for $200 that includes a controller, monitors and headphones. Add to that all the online platforms like apple music and Spotify, and anyone with some aspiration and a half-assed bar can get their name in front of people. How does one stand out from the crowd? Where do you go to find the fire when all you can see and hear is noise? It is in this environment that Scotty Gaine$ thrives.  


With a booming and methodical flow that cuts through the smoke Scotty is passionate to get his message across. Influenced heavily by Lloyd banks ‘The Punchline King’  he refers to Banks as the best lyricist in the world.   


“Lloyd Banks is the best lyricist in the world. If there is one person who inspired me to put words together into the most complex way I can, it was him. He is the underdog. Underrated. This is the guy.”  -SG


Scotty’s music is similar in regards to the cleverness and creativity of his music. With rich, active bars and mind-blowing metaphors his wordsmithing is a cut above the rest. It is evident that this is someone dedicated to their craft. And it is a dedication that Scotty takes seriously. Take a few lines from his single ‘Greatness’ for example:  


[It’s like the boy was destined for greatness / aint no limitations / fuck the sky my name will ring bells throughout generations / this is payback for all the blood spilled in this nation / try to wipe us out but now it’s time to get reparations]  -SG


It is a passion and a message that has been forged through fire. Those trials and tribulations that can either destroy a soul, or cause one to rise up. Dealing with death and pain at a young age Scotty started from isolation, feeling alone he took to pen to paper. Jotting his thoughts down as life convulsed around him. From there it turned into freestyling with friends and testing his voice, until ballooning into an uncontrollable passion that drives him to the studio and consumes his life. This passion, this drive that he exemplifies into his art and music is apparent.  


“I want to touch people with my music, affect them with my message. If someone can take something away from my music, my message, something that connects with them... That’s what I'm about.”  -SG


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